Northern Ireland Getaways

The United Kingdom, which consists of Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales, is a region in Western Europe and a top tourist destination among visitors from all over the world. Most visitors arrive by plane and a number of Airlines cater to travel in the region.

Northern Ireland as a Vacation Getaway

Ireland, in particular Northern Island, is becoming more and more popular in recent years and several airlines, including British Airways, fly to the area. Northern Ireland is separated from The Republic of Ireland but is located the northeast of the same island. People from all over come for the pristine countryside landscapes, the friendly people and the wide open spaces with spectacular scenery. They also come to spend time in the vibrant capital city of Belfast with is known for its history, lively entertainment districts and architecture. If it's a luxury hotel northern ireland you seek, there are plenty of them too.

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Top Attractions in Northern Ireland

There are many well-known world-class attractions in Northern Ireland that have both cultural and historical significance. One such attraction is The Giant's Causeway which features 40,000 basalt columns from a volcanic eruption. Titanic Belfast is where you can learn more about one of history's biggest maritime disasters. The rope bridge at Carrick-a-rede is an epic adventure that takes you across twenty metres to Carrickarede Island. The medieval ruins of Dunluce Castle is an interesting place to explore. The Old Bushmills Distillery offers tours throughout the week. The beautiful public gardens at Botanic Gardens are the perfect place to spend an afternoon relaxing or enjoying a picnic. Music and dance are very popular in ireland and you can catch some kind of cultural event at any given time. Whether it be to enjoy live local music in a small pub or splurge on a large concert at one of the popular venues, you are sure to be entertained. Finding a good meal is not hard in the country either. Many places prepare fresh, home-cooked locally-inspired meals but you can also find every cuisine under the sun in the many restaurants especially around Belfast.

Places to Stay in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom as a whole is known for having some of the best hospitality in the world. Tourists are often welcome into private homes and there are numerous guest homes, bed and breakfasts, hotels, motels and luxury properties scattered all over the country including the most remote areas and cities. When it comes to luxury properties, some of the most notable ones are in the city of Belfast but some are also located in other areas of the country. If you are seeking a luxury hotel northern ireland, The Fitzwilliam Hotel, Malmaison Belfast, Slieve Donard and Tara Lodge are just a few of the luxury hotels in the country.

When to Travel

The winter months in Northern Ireland are damp and cold so the best time to travel there is between May and October. You can be sure that you will not hit any weather that is too cold or too hot during these months.